About Us

Agellus Tank Robotics is a client focused data driven innovative tank maintenance and monitoring solutions provider leveraging a fleet of online HazLoc robots and tooling to provide strategic business value for our clients and key stakeholders. 

What We Do 

ATR develops and deploys the ATR 360 solution, an innovative data driven tank maintenance and monitoring solution designed to optimize the economic value of Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) operations and minimize the carbon footprint. ATR 360 provides a comprehensive stepwise gated approached to delivering client value including 

Tank screening and Assessments

Tank maintenance  execution  planning 

Tank Cleaning, Inspection and Repair

Tank data analytics and decision support

Tank continuous monitoring 

Tank optimization solutions


To be the leading global data driven robotic tank maintenance and monitoring solutions provider, optimizing the economic value of Aboveground Storage Tank assets and providing decision support to key client stakeholders to optimize client business objectives.


To develop, deploy, and sustain the ATR 360 solution globally as an industry leader in online robotic AST maintenance and monitoring, creating value for our clients and stakeholders. 

The ATR 360 solution will

  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • De-carbonizing existing operations
  • Improving HSE outcomes
  • Extending the asset operational life
  • Data driven decision support

 Our Values

Agellus Tank Robotics will uphold are core values as summarized in the ATR Performance commitment

Focus on Customer Solutions

Develop and deploy ATR 360 solutions to address market problems and exceed client expectations

Maintain Operational Excellence

Deploy organizational frameworks, systems, and processes to maintain operational excellence

Collaborate for Industry Impact

Work collaboratively with clients, partners, and stakeholders to deliver the ATR 360 solution

Leverage Innovation

Deploy fit-for-purpose technology & process innovations to address client needs

Provide ESG Leadership

Support clients with technology and process innovation to achieve sustainability goals.

Decision-Making with Data Insights

Provide comprehensive data analytics for optimal decision making 

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